Read with your ears, make Android read aloud any text selection, article or entire web page from any app just by sharing it with Say It. Great for students, audio book enthusiasts, drivers or as a lullaby..

NEW: PDF text to speech support! Turn regular books into audio books..

Text to speech can't be easier, just share anything and make it read..
- automatic article text download from a link
- automatic language recognition
- support the Android standard sharing mechanism: can be used from any app
- reading from clip board
- PDF document reading
- speed control
- supported languages recognition: Af, Ar, Bg, Bn, Cs, Da, De, El, En, Es, Et, Fa, Fi, Fr, Gu, He, Hi, Hr, Hu, Id, It, Ja, Kn, Ko, Lt, Lv, Mk, Ml, Mr, Ne, Nl, No, Pa, Pl, Pt, Ro, Ru, Sk, Sl, So, Sq, Sv, Sw, Ta, Te, Th, Tl, Tr, Uk, Ur, Vi, Zh (Simplified), Zh (Traditional)

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From version SayIt 1.8:
- Hungarian localization
- PDF reading support
- Reading speed control directly from app
- support 20 new languages (auto-detection)
- nicer notification on Android 7+
- Portuguese, Chinese text (Big thanks)
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October 24, 2017
October 20, 2016