What's new in EPA's AIRNow

This release adds two maps to give the public additional, actionable information about air pollution at their location: the popular Fire and Smoke Map, which provides information on fire locations, smoke plumes and air quality from monitors and low-cost sensors; and the AirNow Interactive Map, which shows ozone and particulate matter from air quality monitors across the country.

From version EPA's AIRNow 2.1.0:

About EPA's AIRNow

The AIRNow Android application will provide an increasingly mobile public with real-time air quality information that people can use to protect their health when planning their daily activities

The app will allow users to get location-specific reports on current air quality and air quality forecasts for both ozone and fine particle pollution (PM2.5). Air quality maps from the AIRNow website provide visual depictions of current and forecast air quality nationwide, and a page on air quality-related health effects explains what actions people can take to protect their health at different AQI levels, such as “code orange.”

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EPA's AIRNow 2.1.0
July 28, 2021


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EPA's AIRNow 2.0.5
February 24, 2021


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EPA's AIRNow 2.0.1
June 17, 2020


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