Whether at home, the Arctic, the office, on a run, or in a cafe, “Moods” has a watch face to keep you connected to your world - here, there, or anywhere.

For busy days, “Do” helps you get stuff done while its understated design gets out of the way.

Motivation in a watch face. Keep track of your steps, calories, and other exercise, all with a sporty look that shouts “Move!”

An analog face with 23rd Century dreams. “Play” is at home in the future, and has your favorite real-time information.

Timeless beauty with everything you need to know before starting your next adventure.

Built for the downtime, and to know what needs to get done. Modern, artistic, and built to chill.

From version Moods Watch Faces for Wear OS by Google 1.17.0:

Performance and stability improvements

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