Fantasy War Tactics R is the leading fantasy-style tactical RPG in the market. The game has a large community of more than 5 million players around the world. The world is in danger, let's transform into Lord to fight against the dark forces!
New feature: Get your heroes to the next level with new Awakening skills!
▶Enchanting Storyline
Becoming a Lord, RPG gamers will have the opportunity to take over the world and neutralize the destruction of the World Reformation Council. With attractive graphics, and a diverse system of heroes and equipment, players will step by step collect and build a powerful team, capable of "weighing" any boss!
▶ Diverse world conquest
Players will go through the map including more than 20 different large and small islands, accompanied by extremely diverse bosses and monsters, helping players level up steadily and quickly. In particular, after fighting the boss, gamers have the opportunity to recruit that boss. The stronger the boss, the stronger the team!
In addition, gamers can explore the mysterious sound echoing from the top of the Tower of Dawn, along with countless monsters and bosses at Dimensional Breakthrough. A series of heroes are waiting to accompany the Lords here!
▶Diverse RPG tactical elements
FTWR is a turn-based strategy game. Gamers will build teams with clever and unique strategies by combining 4 diverse elements: Cooperation, Direction, Terrain and Advantages. In addition, take advantage of the map's diverse Skill Tiles to your advantage, absorbing Items to quickly touch to victory. And don't forget, attack your opponents with the Portal!
▶Diverse of PVP Modes
Unleash hero testing, battle to climb ranks with fiery PVP mode with millions of other players in Battle of Honor. The higher the climb, the more gifts!
Team up with friends to conquer the world in the Guild!
▶Diverse utility modes
While Lords are in a faraway battle, the lab has been already generating resources at home! A place to automatically generate items to help gamers buff heroes. Along with that, Lords can both beat the east and clear the north, and can send heroes to auto farm monsters. The more diverse modes, the stronger the heroes!

From version Fantasy War Tactics R 0.643:

- Add AdPoint feature

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