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From version Versus 4.0.1:

The latest version of the Versus app, released as TWA (Trusted Web App):
- Faster loading time. The files are cached locally, so the app is even faster than the web version.
- Smaller app size. The app has only 1MB, so you can save storage space on your device.
- Improved UI, similar to the web version. The latest version of the app has been developed in a style consistent with our website.

(Android 4.0+)
Latest: 3.0.9 on December 11, 2017
(Android 4.1+)
Latest: 4.0.1 on March 10, 2020
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Versus 4.0.1
March 10, 2020


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Versus 3.0.15
December 18, 2019


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Versus 3.0.14
December 17, 2019


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Versus 3.0.9
December 11, 2017


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