With this release we’ve added several goodies to brighten up your night. The home tab has been replaced with an all new feed that’s smarter, faster, and more personalized than ever. You can also watch your new favorite videos in our sweet new portrait video player. But wait, there’s more! Your profile has also been overhauled, allowing you to give it a bit of a personal touch. Go ahead and poke around with your new Vevo app, you know we got you!

Vevo: the free music player
Vevo lets you stream and watch exclusive music and HD videos and search for your favorite music for free. The music player allows you to enjoy a personalized music and video experience and listen to songs from top singers and artists. With the Vevo app you can create music playlists from music recommended to you and enjoy great music videos with the best of Vevo's free music streaming content.

Key features
+ Get notifications when artists you love and listen to debut a new music video, collaboration, or even a new performance.
+ Create audio playlists with your favorite songs and HD music videos. Access your favorite artists in Vevo's new Favorite view.
+ Make playlists of your favorite pop, rock, rap, electronic, R&B and country music videos and share your music.
+ Set up your own profile page with favorite music tracks.
+ Watch video songs in portrait or landscape mode.
+ Stream online music videos or tag the video to watch it later.
+ See a video clip and song you like? Add the music video to a playlist to watch the next time you use the Vevo music player and music video app.

Search & Browse
Explore the entire Vevo music catalog and play music by searching for artists, songs or genres. Find great pop artists like Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande. Browse for top music videos, new releases and genres like rock, hip-hop, R&B, indie, electronic and country.

Music Playlists
Create your own music library and stream your favorite artists. Enjoy mixes based on your favorite tracks such as 70s, 80s, 90s, top Michael Jackson songs, and new music like Drake, Luis Fonsi or Shawn Mendez. Stream and enjoy your music anywhere with the Vevo music player app.

Follow Artists
Stream channels and follow top music labels and artists. Receive notifications when new music videos and songs from artists such as Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, and Prince Royce are released for music streaming. Share your favorite music with friends.


Vevo will work over cellular (3G or LTE) network connections, but for the highest quality music video experience, we suggest accessing via Wi-Fi whenever possible.

Vevo is available in the United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Mexico, Poland, Spain and United Kingdom. If you travel outside these countries, Vevo will not be available.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of some licenses from the content owners, features and videos may not be available in all regions.

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October 5, 2017
Android 5.0+
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