Forget everything you thought you knew - this is the new world of VICE.

The VICE app brings the diverse, immense, ground-breaking world of VICE together in one place. We’re changing the way people think about culture, crime, technology, art, sex, music, fashion, sports, and more.

With dozens of new, original articles and videos every day, VICE delivers everything you want to know that the mainstream media is too afraid to tell you.

What’s new:
• For You - a fully personalized recommendations of articles & videos
• New Section Feeds - the very latest in news, culture, music, food, tech and more
• Search - you can now search anything across VICE's vast catalog

From version VICE 3.0.2:

Welcome to the new VICE app!

VICE has a totally updated look & feel so you can easily find the content you love. There's also a new feed called "For You" offering fully personalized recommendations of articles and videos.

And finally, the much-requested Search: you'll be able to look for articles, videos and shows from VICE's vast archive of content.

There's much more to come in the near future but if there's anything else you think we need to address, contact us at at [email protected]!

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