Bubbles is an Augmented Reality application designed to make people more confident using Tango and help them discover what it’s capable of in an amusing and interactive way. The aim is to reproduce pleasant, natural interactions with the surroundings, simulating a soap bubble bursting or dandelion seeds being blown into the air. This is done by simply blowing on the microphone in a natural blowing action. This way bubbles and dandelions are blown into the scenery or out of it. With Bubbles, virtual objects interact with reality; bubbles burst when they come into contact with surfaces and dandelions seeds settle on them.


To have a 360° experience, Bubbles requires the access to:

- your camera to provide an Augmented Reality experience
- your microphone to allow the blow feature

From version Bubbles 1.1.3:

Tango SDK update

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Bubbles 1.1.3
February 23, 2017


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