#For Vietnamese version:

Super app – Entertainment hub – Free data, only in Mocha!

Install Super app Mocha for now to listen to Music, watch blockbuster Movies, chit chat, ... with a community of 16 million young friends. Super..... kooool!
Special: Installing Mocha this month, you will get FREE hi-speed 3G / 4G internet to experience unique features (*):

1. FREE 5000 SMS / a month to all Viettel subscribers.
2. Free Regular (GSM) CALLS: Get connected to those without Mocha, even without smartphones (**)
3. Make FRIENDS with strangers: Millions of people are waiting in Mocha to listen to music together with you
4. Watch free HD BLOCKBUSTER movies: Thousands of Vietnamese, American, Korean simulcasting movies, exclusive movies.
5. Listen to millions of SONGS from Keeng.vn's biggest music store in Vietnam.
6. Watch comedy, parody VIDEO from thousands of favorite Vietnamese channels: Kem Xoi, Cua Me, FapTV, Vanh Leg, The thao 24h, Schannel,...
7. CALL VIDEO in HD quality with free data.
8. Voice STICKERS: your friends will be surely impressed by receiving super funny stickers with SOUND, only in Mocha.

(*) For all Viettel users: Student subscribers get free unlimited data, other subscribers get free 5GB / month.
(**) For Viettel student subscribers and some specific users: Details in the Call out of Mocha.

#For Global version:

Please Install Mocha right now to enjoy the social networking experience of the digital content generation such as Listening to music together, Making friends online, Voice sticker ...
Beside the basic features similar to other chatting applications such as: Chat, call, video call, group chat, ... Mocha have many unique features. Exclusive and Only on Mocha:

- Listening to music together: Find new friends with the same music taste. Thousands of people are finding their half on Mocha everyday!
- Voice sticker: Express your emotions and personality when chatting by both the image and sound. Extremely funny!

For any questions please contact mocha@metfone.com.kh (Cambodia), cskh_vtm@viettel.com.vn (Vietnam)

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