Managed by our V-Auto app and connected to our network with a V-Sim, V-Auto transforms your everyday car into a smart car. With a whole suite of features like Auto SOS, Find my car and so much more, you can have confidence that you and your loved ones are safe when on the roads.
Discover everything that V-Auto offers with our V-Auto app
• Auto SOS detects if there has been a serious collision and notifies (when in areas with our network coverage) our trained agents who can call to check if you and your family are okay. If needed, they can request to send help to the car’s location,giving you greater confidence about you and your family’s safety on the road.
• Find My Car shows you where your car is on a map, whether it’s on the move or parked and offersdirections to its location by foot, car or public transport – making every journey easier, from the very start.
• My Trips lets you see where you and your loved ones have driven, as well as details about how you drove
• Driver Safety Score Helps you know how safely you and your loved ones are driving

Vodafone V-Auto. Connected Car. Safer Journeys.

V-Auto app is part of V by Vodafone and is available for Vodafone customers.

Download V-Auto app for free to setup your V-Auto and unlock a new way of driving that gives you confidence that you and your loved ones are safe.

From version V-Auto by Vodafone 2.0.8:

We have made improvements to the App so that you can

- Invite family & friends to your V-Auto account to view trips, safety score and set motion alerts.
- Use the new “Drivers” Tab to see view your device shares
- Use the “Cars” Tab to access information about your car

(Android 4.2+)
Latest: 1.5.10 on February 22, 2018
All versions
V-Auto by Vodafone 2.0.8
July 23, 2019


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V-Auto by Vodafone 1.10.7
December 31, 2018


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V-Auto by Vodafone 1.5.10
February 22, 2018


Uploaded:February 22, 2018 at 7:09AM UTC

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