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Version: 5.2.2 (1911291630)
Languages: 80
Downloads: 258
99 MB (103,811,450 bytes)
Min: Android 6.0 (Marshmallow, API 23)
Target: Android 9.0 (Pie, API 28)
arm64-v8a + armeabi-v7a
Permissions: 34Features: 10Libraries: 3
Supports Wear OS
We Connect 5.2.2
Uploaded November 29, 2019 at 4:40PM UTC by HoldTheDoor

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99 MB
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What's new in We Connect

Thank you very much for all your feedback.
With the latest update, we have fixed bugs and added new functions.
- Discover the new app design
- General improvements

About We Connect

Whether Car-Net or We Connect, connectivity meets intuitive design in the new app for your Volkswagen mobile online services. Register your Volkswagen and use the We Connect app as a direct connection to your vehicle*. With all the benefits.
The Volkswagen We Connect app benefits for you at a glance:
• Quick, intuitive access to comprehensive vehicle information and your vehicle status.
• Control convenient vehicle functions by using your smartphone as a remote control. For example, you can easily programme your optional auxiliary heater using the We Connect app. You can even lock and unlock your doors** and luggage compartment remotely.
• Find your Volkswagen faster – your latest parking position is just a tap away.
• Send your next destinations to the navigation system effortlessly
• Set up your smartphone as a Mobile Key*** and assign and manage additional Mobile Keys for friends and family
• Even more helpful functions for electric vehicles. Check the charge level of your battery, for instance, or start and stop the charging process.
Thanks to the simple in-app registration and the new Volkswagen ID, your vehicle can connect to your smartphone even more quickly.
*Availability of the services described depends on both the vehicle and its equipment. Find out about compatibility at
To use the We Connect services, you need a Volkswagen ID user account and to log in to We Connect with your username and password. A separate We Connect or We Connect Plus contract must also be signed online with Volkswagen AG. For We Connect Plus, you have 90 days from when you receive your vehicle to register it at and use the services for the full duration of the agreed, free period.
**Usage requires an identity check in the form of Volkswagen Ident verification.
*** Usage of the Mobile Key requires you to sign up online to a separate We Connect contract with Volkswagen AG. Only available with the optional navigation system “Discover Pro” and in conjunction with the We Connect app. Two free mobile keys are available to start with and can be redeemed within the first four years following conclusion of the We Connect contract. Transferring a mobile key requires a key sender identity check through the Volkswagen Ident verification procedure. Following installation on a compatible smartphone, the mobile key has a one-year validity period tied to the device. A compatibility overview can be found at

We Connect 5.2.2 variants

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5.2.2 APK
November 29, 2019
arm64-v8a + armeabi-v7a
Android 6.0+
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Uploaded:September 1, 2023 at 4:22AM UTC

File size:23.93 MB

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Version:5.2.2(1911291630) for Android 6.0+ (Marshmallow, API 23)

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We Connect 5.1.2 (arm64-v8a + arm-v7a) (nodpi) (Android 6.0+)

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