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Available today in Northwest Arkansas, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Atlanta, Phoenix, the DC metro area, and parts of Southeast Florida!

Walmart InHome is a new delivery service that gets the to-dos done. InHome uses smart entry technology to let our full-time, safety-trained associates deliver Walmart groceries and household essentials beyond your door. You can either set up your home's own keypad or get a smart device installed by our team to let associates bring in and neatly put away items into your home (even into your fridge). Head to to sign up and get started.

How to use Walmart InHome:

• See if your address is eligible, then sign up for InHome membership at

• After you've joined, place your order for store delivery in the Walmart app or on and make sure "InHome Delivery" is selected at checkout

• Your first order will arrive at your doorstep, so you can meet our team. Then, schedule an installation of a smart device (or set up your home's keypad) in our app to enable delivery into your home.

Key Features of the Walmart InHome app:

• Track the status of your Walmart store delivery orders handled by InHome

• Customers with devices set up can watch a video recording of every delivery into their home—they’re available as soon as 15 minutes after delivery completion, and are watchable for up to a week after

• Get notifications at every step of your delivery—including when your order is on its way to your house and when the delivery has finished

• See the InHome delivery associate who'll deliver your groceries

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From version Walmart InHome Delivery 1.0.33:

Stability fixes and minor UI changes

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