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About WaFd Bank

Experience award-winning mobile banking with WaFd Bank. These cutting-edge digital tools allow you to manage your finances however and wherever you want. The app gives you the ability to connect all of your financial accounts for a one-stop approach to managing your finances that doesn’t require constantly shifting between apps. WaFd Bank’s mobile app is powered by the industry’s most reliable and accurate transaction categorizing technology so that your spending is cleansed and organized quickly and easily.
Get all the banking power you need at your fingertips with the confidence and protection of vault-level security.
WaFd Bank is a mobile-first platform that checks all of the boxes and more:

- View and manage all your accounts in one place
- Pay bills and move funds
- Send money to your friends
- Smart budgets track spending and goals
- Categorize transactions
- Monitor cashflows
- Photo-deposit checks
- Receive alerts and notifications
- Act on personalized recommendations
- Login with face and fingerprint biometrics

Download today to take control of your finances.

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March 16, 2023


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