Perfect weather for an outdoor swim or rather an upcoming thunderstorm? With the app you can quickly check the current weather conditions and forecast for the next couple of days. Our interactive weather radar maps make sure you get home, to work or wherever you want to go without getting rained on. Reliable 16-day forecasts make planning your weekend trip, BBQ or vacation a lot easier!

This app provides you with
- Detailed current day forecasts and long term 16-day weather trends
- Possibility to get the weather data for your exact location
- Wind, temperature, sun, etc. all in one view
- Homescreen Widget (not possible if installed on SD card!!)
- Powerful search
- Animated rain radar (Germany & Spain)
- Weather alerts (thunderstorms, snowstorms, etc.) (only for Germany)
- Editorial forecast (only in German)
- Inhouse produced weather videos about forecasts, weather phenomena, climate change and other weather topics
- Weather forecast for popular holiday destinations in Europe
- Chance of precipitation
- Live Weather via Webcams

General information:
We provide you with weather information for the whole world, with a special focus on Germany, Austria and Switzerland. As a result, some of the information, e.g. textual weather descriptions or weather warnings, are only available in German.
If you allow us access to your location in the background, the app will automatically update your location to keep you informed about severe weather alerts via push notifications.

The app reliably evaluates a wide range of data and presents it in an understandable way. This includes, for example, perceived temperature, air pressure and sunset. Only a short shower or continuous rain? Thanks to the displayed rain probability and amount of precipitation, you will know in the blink of an eye.

Our weather forecast app goes far beyond the usual basic functions. Whether it's the Hamburg harbour or Frankfurt skyline: With our live webcams and animated weather maps, you can see for yourself if the weather is better for cycling, swimming or staying indoors.

Are lightning strikes or cloudbursts imminent? With our location query, we can automatically warn you at any time via push messages for your current location. Our precipitation radar also protects you from unsuspected weather changes.

7-day or 16-day outlook: get reliable weather forecasts for your location, your preset home location or travel destination.

Some Android devices automatically install apps on the SD card. In this case, manually ensure that the app is installed in the phone memory. Otherwise, the widget may not work correctly or disappear after a restart. This is a technical issue which we can't change.
Some devices move the app to SD card automatically.

How can I get help?
Please send an email to with your problem details.

Translations: Version 2 of the app is only available in English and German.

From version - Weather and Radar 2.51.0:

In this huge release we improved our English localisation. This means that finally no German content should be visible anymore!

Our new rain radar covers a larger area and enables us to continuously improve it in the future. We also invested heavily into making our widget technically as sound as possible. As a result, the fixed size widgets will be replaced by a resizable widget.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, since we touched almost all parts of the App and made numerous improvements.

All versions - Weather and Radar 2.51.0


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