Connect to any WiFi for FREE! WiFi Map is the largest Wi-Fi community in the world!

The largest WiFi hotspot database in the world

WiFi Map® has more than 150 million WiFi hotspots available worldwide and the number is growing daily thanks to our community. With the app, you can connect to WiFi hotspots for free, get actual passwords, and make updates together with millions of WiFi Map users!

Fast and secure VPN for public WiFi networks

Use our built-in VPN for private internet access and to keep your connection secure. Use WiFi Map and the unlimited VPN to securely browse the internet, make and accept calls, text in messengers, and stay online with a single WiFi Map app. Also, you can get around some regional limitations and, for example, get access to your local services.

Detailed offline maps to find the internet everywhere

It’s always difficult to stay without an internet connection when you are traveling or simply out of carrier service. This is where the offline WiFi passwords map will help. Download the map of the whole region with the complete hotspots data to make sure you’re able to connect to the internet.

Benefit from a WiFi Map community and support it

Use a WiFi scanner to look for nearby Wi-Fi networks, speed test them, and connect to the fastest ones. At the same time, you’re contributing to the WiFi Map community by sharing hotspot data and performance details. Thanks to our users you will always get actual information on hotspots around.

Sneak peek of WiFi Map main features
- Find the internet all over the world
- Access internet for FREE when you connect to WiFi
- Millions of WiFi hotspots are available worldwide
- Genuine WiFi passwords and useful tips
- Use map navigation to find the local hotspots
- Apply filters to find out the nearest WiFi around you
- Smart search on the WiFi map
- Add WiFi hotspots around you to the map
- Download offline maps when you travel
- Share WiFis on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter with your friends
- Unlimited secure VPN
- Multiple reliable VPN servers worldwide

How to get connected?
1. Open the WiFi Map app.
2. Find an available WiFi hotspot around you.
3. Connect to the WiFi hotspot using the information in the app.
4. Enjoy fast, FREE and reliable internet access!

# How to add a new WiFi hotspot to WiFi Map:

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From version WiFi Map®: Find Internet, VPN 6.1.8:

We are thrilled to introduce the new AI “Wi-Fi Health” mechanism that would help navigate to the most reliable hotspot. Just follow the “Green” hotspots ;)
Also in this update, you’ll get a smoother experience that will help you with Free Wi-Fi access and will Save You Money.

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