WiFi You is a global WiFi network that allows people with android smart phone to search and connect to the Internet for free and share WiFi safely without visible password.

WiFi You provides 20 millions shared WiFi hotspots covering every corner of the world. Based on your location,WiFi You smartly choose shared WiFi hotspot for you to connect. All the WiFi passwords are shared by our users proactively, and intelligently tested to ensure availability.

WiFi You for Android is available exclusively for Internet customers and contains WiFi security features to improve your privacy while using target WiFi hotspots around you. The app also prioritizes your preferred networks and automatically connects you to free WiFi hotspots when in range, which makes it easy to find free WiFi hotspots with enhanced search tools and directions.

WiFi You aims to build a trusted open platform for everyone to enjoy the Internet. So, come join the world’s largest WiFi sharing community today! If you don’t find shared hotspot yet, don’t worry, give the community some time to grow up with more available WiFi hotspot. We are handling over ONE MILLION connections daily and the number is growing rapidly. There will be more and more shared WiFi to help you get connected online and surf the Internet for free!

By using WiFi You, you will be no longer limited by your data plan when you enjoy HD movies, streaming musics, pictures, news, comics, novels, games and shopping on the Internet, at anytime and anywhere.

★ Get automatically connected to 20 millions of free WiFi all over the world, even in the less developed regions of Africa. In this way you can save your data usage and easily hop over free WiFi network.
★ Free shared access to Internet without the WiFi password. Passwords are protected for the privacy and security of those who share.
★ WiFi You users will be able to connect to your WiFi without your password being visible and you can keep track of the usage status.You can easily lock your shared WiFi again at any time.
★ Comprehensive WiFi manager.It works like your system WiFi Manager, but with superpowers! It gives you full control over WiFi, get notified when you are connected and keep your device from auto-connecting to specific WiFi. It also classifies and recommends WiFi nearby and shows you the keys to access the shared WiFi.
★ Based on your location,one click to get available shared WiFi hotspot. You can also access to nearby WiFi hotspots in bars, Internet cafes hotels and airports.
★ Automatic access to open WiFi hotspots
★ WiFi You also recommend several efficient WiFi relevant apps.

WiFi You also provides a complete WiFi solution including features like
★ Smart WiFi
★ Network Scanner
★ Real time customer support
★ Add WiFi hotspots and passwords
★ Update old passwords
★ Prioritize and connect to your secure, saved networks at home and work
★ Automatically connect to WiFi around town, including secure hotspots where available
★ Intelligently turn on WiFi when in range of your saved networks or WiFi
★ Find hotspots when not connected, under data-offline mode
★ Avoid insecure public WiFi or fishing hotspots, protect your online security
★ Reduce phone radiation and save battery power
★ Recommend the best networks to you by analyzing WiFi status
★ One click to connect to target networks
★ Protect your privacy and security with intelligent connection technology
★ Analyze data saved by using WiFi You
★ Share WiFi You app with your Facebook friends

WiFi You is not a hacking tool. It does not assist in unlocking passwords of WiFi hotspots that are not shared by the users. Hacking is illegal.

WiFi You is not a signal booster but will improve the quality and stability of these connections. A MUST-have app on your android smartphone in your daily life!
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If you have any question or feedback, please contact us: Website: www.wifiyou.net

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