Wink is the quick and simple way to connect you and your home. The Wink app brings together hundreds of smart products — lights, locks, sensors, thermostats, and more — across dozens of the best brands, so you can control them from anywhere.
• Receive alerts that keep you informed of what’s happening at home.
• Trigger your alarm and lights to turn on automatically if fire or smoke is detected.
• See who’s at the front door and use your phone to unlock it from anywhere.

Use Wink’s security services to make your home even smarter and safer:
• Lookout: Get instant security alerts about doors, windows, locks, garage doors, motion, and more, giving you control over your home so you can quickly decide how to respond if something unexpected occurs.
• Home Sitter: Have your lights turn on and off in a natural, human pattern to make it look like you’re home when you’re away. Relax when you’re out of town, knowing your home looks lived in.
• Moonlight: Always return to a well-lit home by syncing your lights to turn on and off with local sunset and sunrise times. It’s a convenient way to light your way home after work, so you don’t have to search for keys in the dark.

Explore other features in the Wink app, such as Shortcuts, Schedules, and Robots, to customize your smart products.

Questions? Talk to a real human at 844-WINK-APP or [email protected].
From version Wink - Smart Home
-Lookout’s push notifications are now actionable, meaning users can take action directly from the notification, prior to opening the Wink app.
-View thumbnail image of Arlo camera video clips directly in push notifications and watch full video clips within Wink Lookout.
-We’ve made it easier for users to toggle between Alerts On and Alerts Off on the main Lookout screen, thus arming/disarming the service.
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