The Wyze App connects to your WyzeCam and lets you see clear 1080p live streaming video day or night. In addition to live stream, you can use the Wyze App to listen and talk through WyzeCam’s built in speaker and microphone, take video or save a snapshot on your phone, record time lapse videos, receive motion or sound triggered alerts, and much more.
• 1080p Full HD Video: Live streaming, recording, and playback are all available in clear and sharp 1080p HD resolution. You have the option to toggle between SD and HD.
• Live Streaming: View what's going on in real time and record videos or take screenshots directly to your phone for sharing.
• Night Vision: Never miss a moment even in the dark with our enhanced night vision.
• Real-Time Alerts: Receive push notifications on your phone whenever motion or sound is detected.
• 2-Way Audio: Listen in to what is happening around your camera and respond through your WyzeCam speaker with this simple feature.
• Time Lapse: Set the time frame and interval easily to create custom time lapse videos saved to a microSD card (not included).
From version Wyze 1.5.82:
Fixed that clear cache doesn't clear alert video thumbnails
Added that photos are saved on SD card besides device album
Fixed that app crashes if Wyze app doesn't have storage access
Fixed a bug that caused the delayed notifications
Other minor bug fixes
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