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-ability to preload webviews for better experience
-added article section and settings
-fix for handling crash with some user avatars
-go to unread on threads
-fix for white screen on load
-small styling improvements
-other bug fixes
*If your app isn't working, please try clearing App Data via device Settings*

Welcome to the new mobile experience for the XDA-Developers forum! Now based on XenForo, the XDA app is the best way to experience the best phone forums in the world with custom gesture support, super smooth and fast navigation, easy access to your private messages/mentions/quotes, great search tools to find exactly what you're looking for, and more. This app is new and is a work in progress. You can tell us what you think about it here:

For a great primer on how to use the new XDA app, check out this thread:

If you're having login issues, make sure you have the latest app update,
then fill out this form if problems persist:

Some features:

- Fast, based on XenForo
- Keep your watched threads and forums within easy reach
- Fully material design with hand-friendly bottom tab navigation
- Read, write, and reply to threads
- Customizable gestures to easily share, save, watch and mark a thread read or unread
- Full support for quotes/mention
- Light/dark themes
- Notification support
- Great search tools


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2.15.20 APK
February 12, 2021
Android 5.0+
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