This app is standalone from the Yahoo Answers website and your questions and answers will not sync between them.

Yahoo Answers Now is a new Q&A app that gets you quick advice and honest answers to questions that a regular web search just can’t solve. Get real answers from real people when you really need it!

Key Features:

• Real results - We’ll route your questions to knowledgeable people and experts in the community for a quick response.

• Craft awesome answers - Share your knowledge and answer questions with text, photos, emojis and links.

• Blazing fast - Receive real time notifications when someone answers your question or thanks you for a great response.

• Create our community - Write rich answers. Ask questions. Comment on anything. Thank someone for a great answer. Keep track of your favorite contributors, posts, topics and followers.

• Slick and Simple - You’ll love the easy-to-use interface. Browse by category or search for specific questions or topics.

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From version Yahoo Answers Now - Advice Q&A 1.8.0:

Today is the day you make it happen, you crush your goals and your dreams come true. It is also the day of a new Yahoo Answers Now update!
View and edit your the categories you follow in the side menu! Take control and make your Discover tab more personal👩‍🎤 than ever!
Check out cool category carousels in the header.
Images are looking👌 in the comments section.
Getting into the app is easier than ever; sign in with your Yahoo account and you’re ready to go.
Polish and bug 🐛 fixes

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