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An Action-Packed PVP Strategy Game With Movie-Like 3D Special Effects!

【Game Features】
■100+ Bots Ready For Your To Collect!
■Choose Either Autobots or Decepticons! Create A Base And Defend Against Enemies!
■Different Types of Bots Have Different Abilities! Mix and Match to Make the Best Team!
■Smart Bomb, Orbital Strike, Field Repairs, and Many More Power-Ups!
■Join an Alliance or Create Your Own, Fight With Your Friends!
■Participate In Weekly Event Every Friday to Get resources & special bots!

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From version Transformers:Earth War

·A fresh new Alliance feature
·New Alliance Stage: Conquer the Supreme League! After reaching the Cybertron stage, players can participate in the Supreme League. Players staging defense have increased strength.
· Raid scenario: Titan Raid!
· New dual-faction character! Say hello to the courageous Maximal Dinobot, Striker!
· G1 Cores: G1 Police Car (Prowl) & G1 Noisy (Brawl)
· Be sure to catch the National Day event, too, for limited time packages

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