Screen Rotation Lock is now Quick Tools which is more powerful than ever with these features you'll love:
Lock your screen orientation to any direction you want, so you can enjoy watching videos in full screen landscape mode without rotation interruption,
Open Volume panel without actually pressing physical Volume keys , which reduces button damage in future.
Turn off and lock device right from the screen without pressing Power button. At the moment, you cannot use finger print scanner to unlock device. Feature implementation is under development.
Open Power menu without actual long press on Power button, which reduces button damage in future. (Requires Android Lollipop and later, older API support is under development at the moment).

In order to work correctly, the app requires these permissions:
android.permission.WRITE_SETTINGS: To lock screen orientation.
android.permission.BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE: To open Power menu. Quick Tools neither monitors nor collects any piece of your personal data.

From version Quick Tools (formerly Screen Rotation Lock) 4.00:

Screen Rotation Lock is now Quick Tools, which is more powerful than ever. Not only does it help lock device rotation, but also offers these new features:
- Open Media volume panel without pressing physcial volume keys. Ringtone volume option will be added later.
- Lock your screen without short pressing physical power key. Fingerprint unlock is not supported at the moment.
- Open power menu without long pressing physcial power key, which requires Accessibility Service and Android 5.0+.

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