RCTD won't affect your device at all, since it doesn't detect root. You don't need to remove RCTD, and you won't be able to unless you root.

Use this at your own risk! I can't be held responsible for something you willingly do to your device! This app hasn't failed yet, but I can't make any guarantees that something bad won't happen. Proceed with caution. You have been warned!

As many of you may know, LG has been building a root checker into its phones. This root checker is only supposed to log the results it gets (possibly for LG engineers to check on warrantied devices), but LG being LG messed things up. Here's what happens instead:

- RCTD detects root
- RCTD starts a new process to log the results
- RCTD doesn't ever end that process, so it just sits there taking up resources
- RCTD scans on a periodic schedule, so this whole process keeps repeating

If you're on a rooted LG phone on Stock (LGUX not AOSP) firmware, you may have noticed that it slows down a lot after a day or so. This isn't just "normal lag." It's LG's root checker running rampant.

Thanks to @dimm0k, this whole issue was brought to the attention of the LG V20 community. It was found out that RCTD could be disabled, but it requires unpacking a boot.img, commenting out some lines of code, and then repacking before flashing the modified image.

Well, no more. This app, through the use of Android Image Kitchen, does this all for you. With three taps, you can back up your boot partition, patch it, and flash it. It's super easy. If you find yourself stuck in a bootloop after flashing, simply flash one of the backups you made, located under`/sdcard/AndroidImageKitchen/Backups/`.

- Currently this app is in ALPHA. The design and icon are not final. It may or may not function. Please use the linked thread or Telegram chat to troubleshoot. Leaving a review asking for help won't work, since I can't reply to reviews here.
- RCTD doesn't necessarily cause any problems in performance. Getting rid of it may or may not have any noticeable benefits. In any case, I still recommend removing RCTD.

- Huge thanks to @osm0sis for allowing me to use AIK in this project. It's a truly amazing tool.

- AIK Thread:
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- @dimm0k's Thread:
- @runningnak3d's Thread:
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Root Check Tool (RCTD) Remover for LG 1.0 alpha


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