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Technical issues have been fixed and the stability of the application has been improved.

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About Zakaz.ua - grocery shopping

​​In the times of digitalization and smartphones we have developed a service that will simplify your life. The app Zakaz - is the online delivery service that works with the TOP-markets around Ukraine, all in your phone. We cooperate with such big grocery chains as Auchan, Metro, Novus, Varus, EcoMarket, MegaMarket, Tavriia B, City market.
Placing an order online and having it delivered is no rocket science. You go to the app and choose your favourite supermarket. The next step - choosing the products. It will be easy to find the necessary products because the categories are positioned conveniently. Moreover, we are updating the discounts and promos in different supermarkets regularly. This way you will be able to not just order products via phone or some other device, but also save some money.
After you have finished collecting your order, the only thing left to do is to note the address, it can be your home or any other place. You can order products from any supermarket, at any time (you may choose a time slot for delivery).
Having a delivery from a supermarket means you enjoy shopping without lines, heavy bags, and cash desks. Your order is packed by experienced and professional packers. Don’t worry, all products will be fresh and in good condition (besides, you can always have a look at your order before paying for it). Responsible couriers will deliver your order on time. You may be confident that your order will arrive at the right moment and to the right place.
What are the advantages of grocery delivery to your home?
Easy to use. You have all the top super- and hypermarkets in one app. Choose among Auchan, Metro, Novus, Varus, EcoMarket, MegaMarket, Tavriia B, City market and never limit yourself choosing high quality products.
Save time. You can order groceries during lunch time, at the gym or while stuck in a traffic jam. Choosing products won’t take much time, because the interface in the app has been created in accordance with the customers’ wishes.
Minimum stress. Going to the supermarket can sometimes turn into a real challenge. Just think of it: you are looking for the right aisle, you find no product on the shelf, then there are lines to the cashier, and finally heavy bags to drag home. The app is a game changer. You order online from wherever you happen to be, and the courier delivers your order right to your door.
Do you still hesitate about ordering online with a delivery? Just try and download the app, pick the products and push “Order”. That’s how you will learn through your own experience that ordering online - is your new useful habit that saves time, nerves and money.

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