【Games Lobby】
- Automatically sort your installed games in one place, find/manage games faster and easier.
- You can customize the cover for each game, so you can see the preferred visual of your favorite games before you play.

【X Mode】
- One-click to improve gaming performance of ROG Phone, buff up your game performance.

- The hub of all settings required for games; such as Game Genie, AirTriggers, fan speed, etc., you can complete all the required settings at once.

【Scenario Profiles】
- You can comprehensively customize the tuning parameters required for each games, to give you better control for the game.

- Quickly find games that support the special specifications of ROG Phone and enjoy a more advanced gaming experience.

【Aura lighting】
- Dedicated lighting customization, support multiple scenes and flashing effects, to make you the focus of everyone in the E-sports circle.

From version Armoury Crate

Bug fixing.

(Android 8.0+)
Latest: 1.0.98 beta on November 9, 2018
All versions
November 9, 2018