Note: Use an official ASUS Cover accessory for ZenFone 3 to experience the full features of ASUS Cover 3.0 app. If you use a non-official cover accessory, some functions may not work properly. Check out the official ASUS website to see/order the latest official cover accessory.

Get important information and take control of your ZenFone 3 right away with ASUS Cover 3.0 app. This app has multiple functions that allow you to manage your device and its apps without opening your device's accessory cover. Know the battery status of your phone, see latest notifications of messaging apps, view weather and calendar, use your phone's LED light as a flashlight, and many other handy functions!

Supported features:
- Clock: ASUS Cover shows the Clock widget by default with animation on the background. Swipe up to change the clock's face or theme. You can personalize your Clock widget and receive notification counts of missed calls, instant messages, or e-mails.
- Calendar: View the dates in monthly format.
- Weather: View the current weather and the next 3-day forecast in one screen.
- Music: When music is played, you can pause or play previous or next track.
- Flashlight: Slide up/down the button to switch on/off your phone’s LED light.
- Quick settings: Enable/disable basic settings such as Unlock for the ASUS Cover 3.0 app and Sound. You can also adjust ASUS Cover 3.0 screen to align with ZenFone 3’s official cover accessory via Screen adjustment.
- Battery status: Know the battery status of your device by the color of the Clock widget's circular edge.

- Incoming and missed calls
- Unread e-mails, social media or messaging apps
- Clock/Timer alarm

- Double-tap to turn on/off ASUS Cover 3.0 screen.
- Swipe left or right to switch between apps.
- Swipe up/down to change Clock’s theme and enable/disable Flashlight.
- Swipe the round edge of ASUS Cover to launch Quick Access panel and enable the feature.

Added feature bonus!
If you purchased the special Aura Flip Cover with fluorescent acrylic on its side, you can experience the light effects on your cover when your device receives an incoming call, during a clock alarm, or when it’s charging (suitable for ZenFone 3 only).

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