Love photography and want to share your photos to the world? ZenCircle is a friendly social platform to showcase your photography skills, get recognized by a growing community of over 1.5 million ZenCirclers around the globe, and be a friend to everyone. Download ZenCircle onto your phone and discover the world with your fingertips!

Capture life’s beautiful moments, share, and explore a world filled with incredible stories here in ZenCircle! Photo sharing is made more friendly and fun in 3 seamless steps: (1) Capture moments using the built-in camera, (2) apply in-app filters and tags, then (3) post on ZenCircle or share to other social media sites.

Virtual reality can take you anywhere. See life in 360 degrees and discover a world beyond imagination with our brand new VR 360 features:
- Find all the 360-degree content at a glance under our new VR 360 category, right on your ZenCircle home screen.
- View stunning 360-degree photos on swipe, gyro and VR modes.
- Get fully immersed in the world of VR using your preferred VR headset. ZenCircle is compatible with cardboard viewers, be it Google Cardboard or your own DIY cardboard headset.
- Experience a hassle-free 360-degree photo sharing and viewing right on ZenCircle, without the need to install additional apps!

Easy social photo sharing
- Customize share or download permissions for your photos
- Download your favorite photos from other ZenCirclers and use them as wallpapers on your phone.
- Meaningful social connections using Customized Emotion. Get more than just a Like as people or friends:
-Love your story.
-Give you a warm Cheer up.
-Encourage you to brave the world with a Fight!
- Block people from commenting on your stories that do not suit your taste.

Creative editing
- Take photos using SnapCamera, with instant access to our 10+ built-in photo effects to instantly edit your camera shots such as Amatorka, Vignette, Haze, Contrast, and many more!
- Seamless integration with PhotoCollage and MiniMovie features for more advanced photo editing.

Intuitive photo viewing experience
- Subscribe to your most favorite categories on ZenCircle so you can immediately see topics that matter most to you. Drag-and-drop to rearrange the viewing order of the categories.
- Sorting feeds according to recent or trending posts.
- Display bigger photo size on your phone for your pleasure to view and/or edit.
- Easy search by users and by tags

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Note: This version is compatible with devices running on Android 4.4 and up.

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- New design! See your stories at a glance.
- Simplified, but retaining the most important features.
- More screen space to preview the photos.

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