*ZenWatch Manager is compatible with ASUS ZenWatch only.*

ZenWatch Manager enables seamless integration between your smartphone and ASUS ZenWatch, and unlocks the full features of your ASUS ZenWatch. ZenWatch Manager lets you customize the watch face of your ASUS ZenWatch and enables these exclusive features: Cover to Mute, Unlock My Phone (for Android™ 4.3 and Android 4.4 only), Find My Phone, and sending preset messages during emergency situations—all on your ASUS ZenWatch.

With ZenWatch Manager and other Android Wear compatible ASUS wearable applications, you can take advantage of a variety of different functions. ZenWatch Manager allows you to unlock your smartphone or tablet without having to type your PIN or password, and warn you when you get out of range of your phone and risk leaving it behind. It also comes with useful tools such as a flashlight and compass.

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ASUS' stylish ZenWatch is all about security, remote control and wellness

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Special features
• Customize your watch face to include information such as step counts, calories burned, weather conditions, missed call notifications, battery levels, and additional time zones.

• Add emergency information to easily and quickly send a preset message from ASUS ZenWatch during an emergency situation.

•Configure Unlock my phone to let ASUS ZenWatch automatically unlock your phone or tablet without the need for password entry. Your devices remain protected and accessible using a PIN code.

•You can use ZenWatch Manager to set your ASUS ZenWatch to light up and vibrate when you try to locate it using your paired smartphone.

•Together with the ASUS Remote Link app, you can turn your ASUS ZenWatch into a remote control and time manager for presentations using Microsoft® Windows.

•Using the ZenWatch Remote Camera app, you can use ASUS ZenWatch as the viewfinder for your smartphone's camera, allowing you to open up new photographic opportunities and take photos from creative angles.

•Using the ZenWatch Wellness app, you can fully monitor your activity level and heart rate to keep a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Important reminders
•Download Android Wear app first before you download and install ZenWatch Manager.
•ZenWatch Manager is compatible with ASUS ZenWatch only.

Privacy policy
• Use of BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN permission

For Android 4.3 and 4.4 devices, ZenWatch Manager requires being the Device Administrator to provide the “Unlock my phone” feature and so needs the BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN permission.

For full information about ASUS privacy policy, please visit

More information
For more product information and videos, check out www.asus.com/ZenUI/

Feedbacks and suggestions
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Send us your feedbacks via: zenui@asus.com

From version ZenWatch Manager

ZenWatch 3 & 2 support Android Wear 2.0
- Update watch faces and apps
- Display favorite app info on ZenWatch faces
- Bug fixes

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Asus ZenWatch Manager Gets A Huge v2.0 Update With More Than A Dozen New Watch Faces, Revamped UI, And More [APK Download]


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