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A purchase order is a B2B document issued by a buyer to a supplier to procure goods and services from them.

Zoho Inventory's purchase order generator app helps you create quick and professional purchase orders at any time from anywhere. Simply fill out the template and share the PDF with your supplier online, or save a copy of it on your device.

Why should you download this purchase order generator?

➤ Its crisp template requires only the essential information.
➤ Supports taxes, currency customization and multiple date formats.
➤ Accommodates product details such as product name, description, quantity and unit cost. The sub total and total amount gets calculated automatically.
➤ Provision to add notes and to specify terms and conditions.
➤ You can download the PDF of the purchase order to your device, email it or share it with your supplier instantly.
➤ Its user-friendly design helps you navigate through the app easily.
➤ An absolutely free tool which is a must-have for small businesses!

It only takes three steps to create a top-notch purchase order:

1. Enter your billing address
2. Add your vendor's address
3. Enter your purchase details

Download the app and try it now!

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