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**** If you have a FreedomPop Phone or SIM card, download the FreedomPop Messaging app instead ****

Benefits of FreedomPop OTT:

- Call free to anyone in the US and anyone in the world with FreedomPop
- Text free (includes free SMS, and more)
- Free phone number for tablets
- Free 2nd line for smartphones
- Easily share your new free number with existing contacts
- International free calling app to 50 different countries
- Free SMS works over Wi-Fi or existing cellular connection
- Anonymous free phone number
- We do not share your free number with any third parties
- No spam

Get FREE global calling & texting on your phone or tablet, works with your existing phone service data or WiFi! No FreedomPop SIM or Phone required.

Call free and text free with FreedomPop OTT. App provides a free number or 2nd line. Phone numbers available with United States area codes.

FreedomPop OTT is the free texting and free calling app for anyone looking to add an anonymous 2nd line to a phone or free phone number to a tablet. Free SMS and calling work around the world, over Wi-Fi, or your existing 3G/4G/LTE cellular network connection.

FreedomPop OTT can save you $100s of dollars every year on usage overages and international calling. Turn your tablet into a phone and call free and text free with zero monthly service fees. Free texting includes free SMS, and more.

Download FreedomPop OTT to get a free phone number. Call free and text free with your smartphone or tablet.

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