The World’s Most Popular Mobile Word Game now has even more ways to play! Try new rewards and boosts to help you play smarter and faster!
Words With Friends is the fun, free word game that lets you connect with friends and family while expanding your vocabulary and sharpening your wit. Test your brain power and spell your way to victory.
May the Best Friend Win.™
Game Features:
• WEEKLY CHALLENGE: Play the weekly challenge and earn fun, themed badges
• BEAT THE CLOCK: Challenge friends to beat the clock in fast play!
• SOLO PLAY: Play offline and sharpen your skills with solo play
• HINDSIGHT: Uncover the best word you could have played after each turn
• WORD RADAR: Heat map reveals the location of all possible moves before you take a turn
• PROFILE FRAMES: Show off your unique style with custom profile frames
• SMART MATCH: Connect with players of a similar skill with Smart Match
• 6 LANGUAGES: Choose to play in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese and British English

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“The game is free to play; however, in-app purchases are available for additional content and in-game currency.”

Just another title from Zynga’s Games With Friends™

From version Words With Friends Crosswords 18.801:

Play your best words in the latest release from Words With Friends!

Compete with friends and family or find the perfect match to complete your Daily Goals!

Smoother gameplay than ever before with new updates and bug fixes.

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