1. Upgraded test algorithms, optimized support for ARM's new Tri-Cluster architecture, and adjusted the stress distribution.
2. Introduces new Vulkan sceneaThe latest AnTuTu evaluation 3D contains a total of 3 GPU test scenes, namely:
1. GPU test scene based on Vulkan technology: "Swordsman";
2. GPU test scene based on Vulkan technology: "Terracotta Warriors and Horses";
3. GPU test scene "Refinery" based on OpenGL ES 3.2 technology;
The new version of the 3D test scenes are all tested based on Off-Screen, which more truly and fairly reflects the game performance of the device. "Terracotta Warriors" to test the GPU performance of the mobile phone when running high-stress games natively developed using Vulkan technology.
3. Upgrades "Coastline" scene from OpenGL ES 3.1 to Vulkan to test the Vulkan gaming performance of GPU under medium-to-high stress.

From version Antutu 3DBench 9.0.9-OB:

NEW: based on the "Swordsman" real game production of "Swordsman" The new 3D test scenarios;

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