The running app designed for all runners. Training plans, guided workouts, monthly running challenges and more will help you run further, faster and longer. Set running and training goals, track your progress and share your journey with our community. From your first run to your next 5K, 10K, half or full marathon, the ASICS Runkeeper app can help you do it. Trusted by 36 million users and counting.

Guided Workouts
Custom Training Plans
Monthly Running Challenges
Activity Insights
Goal Setting
Shoe Tracker

• Guided Workouts: Let our ASICS Runkeeper coaches motivate you through audio-guided workouts for everything from your first 5K to interval training to mindfulness runs.

• Custom Training Plans: Train for your next race with a personalized training plan–from a 5K, 10k, half marathon or a full marathon.

• Monthly Running Challenges: Stay motivated with monthly run challenges. Challenge your friends and share your achievements with the Runkeeper community.

•Track Workouts: Run, walk, jog, bike, hike and more. GPS tracking gives you a clear view of your training in real time. Log your distance (miles or km), speed, splits, pace, calories, and more.

• Set Goals: Have a race, weight, or pace in mind? Our ASICS Runkeeper coaches, training plans, guided workouts, and monthly challenges will help you to accomplish your fitness goal.

• Track Progress: Detailed activity insights help you see your progress over time.

• Shoe Tracker: Keep track of the mileage on your running shoes and the app will remind you when it’s time for a new pair.

• Running Groups: Create a custom challenge, invite friends, track each other’s progress, and use the chat to cheer each other on.

• Audio Cues: Hear your pace, distance, splits, and time as you run.

• Partner Apps: Listen to music with Spotify and Apple Music integrations, sync with Garmin watches, and connect with health apps like Fitbit and MyFitnessPal.

• Indoor Tracking: Track treadmill, elliptical and gym workouts in stopwatch mode.

• Social Sharing: Share snapshots of your activities to any app, from social media to messaging platforms.

• Activity Insights: See how your runs stack up to each other and get a full view of your fitness journey.

• Live Tracking: Share your live location with your approved contacts.

• Join the running community that helps you get out the door and reach your running goals! Download the ASICS Runkeeper app today.

From version ASICS Runkeeper - Run Tracker 14.5:

Just like your fitness journey, we’re improving every day. This time, we made some bug fixes to make your Runkeeper experience even better.

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