1 lyrics is one app for all your lyrics need. Ever wanted to sing along with the song but didn't know the lyrics, 1lyrics (one lyrics) got you covered. Learn english language (or any other) by singing along or reading lyrics offline.

* Not all lyrics are synced(auto scrolling) and not all songs will have lyrics because the data is not available, if you are willing to pay, I'll look into adding it.
* Not all music players work, not because of this app but because those music players are not sending proper metadata, check with their developers.
* Notification access is needed in order to access music metadata and not to start a data farming business or to spy on you.
Report the bugs and features that you want to add. Send me an email or let me know on XDA forum.

* Offline lyrics - all lyrics are saved offline
* Bulk download - download lyrics of all your offline songs at once
* Themes - select the themes that you prefer
* Privacy and security - no ads, no tracking, no BS, your data stays on your device
* No fee/subscription - enjoy the app for free

* Supports all: Spotify, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, Samsung Music Player and all your other favourite streaming services and music players
* Tap on the real time notification to show (hide) the lyrics on lyrics panel
* Learn English Language: by singing along with the song, language other than english are also supported
* Material design: sleek new material designed interface with smooth animations
* Select dark or black themes if that's what you prefer
* Tons of customization: customize every details of the app
* Minimal memory footprint : app is around 2 mb
* Battery efficient : app does nothing on background (no ads, no tracking, no BS), so battery consumption is well below 1% (based on my device)

With one lyrics you can also:
* Offline lyrics are listed on app along with album art and artist info
* Share your favourite song lyrics, long tap lyrics from list to share
* Read lyrics offline, tap lyrics from the list to open it on lyrics panel
* Drag down from drag handle (or flick up) on lyrics panel to close it
* Press back, home or recents button to close lyrics panel
* Play music using your favourite player and still get the lyrics, no multiple apps
* Fetch cover art for your songs and store them offline

* More players and streaming service support
* More language lyrics support
* Option to add lyrics manually
* Refinement and performance improvement

It is inspired from the Lyrically (github.com/shkcodes/Lyrically) but takes giant forward leaps in design, form, usability, content, quality, performance and everything. 1lyrics is planned to be developer friendly approach where you can just submit api for lyrics of your language. Also it will be open source once the code base is stable.

From version 1lyrics 77-release:

IMPORTANT: Due to android storage scope changes the files already downloaded may disappear.

App compatible with latest version of Android.
Added search option (pro mode).
Fixed issue with scrolling lyrics (pro mode)
Added option to drag lyrics window.
Updated dependencies.

More bug fixes.

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October 14, 2020
October 13, 2020
September 30, 2020
September 1, 2019
November 13, 2018
October 22, 2018
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