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A home improvement application through augmented reality with high quality configurable furniture 3D models. Unleash full potential of home furniture and interior design through the Google Project Tango platform.

Our main goal is to provide people with the best home design experience ever. Everything can be done in high quality 3D and by the person himself.

3D configuration of your home interior in augmented reality. Walk around the room freely and see the furniture from all sides and angles.

No more AR markers, no more floating objects. 100% accuracy of surface recognition with Project Tango.

Change colors and materials, place furniture and accessories anywhere in your room. Configure your own desired sofas.

Share your personal designs with friends, rate their designs and view them in your own room! Buy AR room designs from designers and sell your own designs. Recommend furniture and tips to friends. Inspire and be inspired.

Stunning visual quality of the 3D models - you won't see the difference between a real sofa and our 3d model.

3D configure your furniture in AR and purchase it online or find the nearest store.

We have developed the project not only to showcase furniture configuration, but to inspire and show the way we see the future of home interior design and improvement!
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April 24, 2017
Android 4.2+
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April 24, 2017