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1 - Add Shutdown option
2 - Fix a bug that prevented the app to scroll down
1 - Add Soft Reboot option to reload the UI without hard rebooting the device
2 - Add option to reboot into Safe Mode
3 - Now sending a system broadcast that the device is going to reboot so that it safely flushes any outstanding data for a clean reboot operation
4 - Decrease the priority of the background threads of each request to prevent any type of starvation
Do you want to reboot and your rom doesn't have that shortcut?

Do you want to enter the recovery and you don't want to enter the line manually into the terminal?

Do you want to enter your bootloader to use fastboot and there is no way reboot into it?

Now also including a Soft Reboot and Safe Mode reboot options!

Be afraid no more! This simple application gives you 5 shortcuts to do all these tasks without having to type it into command lines. You just need root permissions and you're good to go!!!

It only does what it's advertised, nothing else.

Can't be easier than this.
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1510250110 APK
October 25, 2015
Android 4.0.3+
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