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Version: 0.6.0 (6)
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Package: com.termux.tasker
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Min: Android 7.0 (Nougat, API 24)
Target: Android 9.0 (Pie, API 28)
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Uploaded February 28, 2022 at 8:17PM UTC by MarkDubya

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  • Add support for stdin for background commands. Users can now pass scripts via stdin, like a bash script to the $PREFIX/bin/bash shell and a python script to the $PREFIX/bin/python shell or any other commands. Note that if passing script via stdin, do not pass arguments, since it will fail depending on shell, at least will for bash. Max length of script supported is 45K characters as per Tasker plugin bundle limits, check EditConfigurationActivity.setStdinView() for details. Closes #46. (05af1af1)
  • Add support for custom log level for background commands. Values must be between Logger.LOG_LEVEL_OFF (0) and Logger.MAX_LOG_LEVEL (currently Logger.LOG_LEVEL_VERBOSE (3) as per termux/termux-app@60f37bde. (5bf15189)
  • Add support for session action for foreground commands. Valid values are defined by TermuxConstants.TERMUX_APP.TERMUX_SERVICE.VALUE_EXTRA_SESSION_ACTION_*, currently, between 0 and 3 at termux/termux-app@v0.117/termux-shared/src/main/java/com/termux/shared/termux/ (6f6ddd0d)
  • Add support for waiting for foreground session command results. Previously configured actions will behave the same, i.e wait for only background commands. For new or edited actions, the Wait for result for commands toggle value will be used to decide whether to wait for result of commands. It will apply to both foreground session and background commands. Note that for foreground commands, only the session transcript is returned which will contain both stdout and stderr combined in %stdout variable, basically anything sent to the the pseudo terminal /dev/pts, including PS1 prefixes for interactive sessions. For foreground commands that exited with failure will require termux-app version >=0.118 for sessions to automatically close without waiting for user to press enter as per termux/termux-app@c19e01fc. Closes #39. (fecba503)
  • Add support for %stdout_original_length and %stderr_original_length result variables as per termux/termux-app@f62febbf and termux/termux-app@a2209ddd. (1c1567f2)
  • Add launcher icon/activity that can optionally be disabled. This allows users to know if they have installed the termux plugin without having to go to android settings app list and should help reduce issues created when users shift termux installation source and get signatures do not match previously installed version errors. This is also required on some phones to allow the user to opt out the app from OEM background killers like DuraSpeed. Related issue termux/termux-widget#56. (8a78f282)
  • Add explicit exported attribute for app components as required by Android (50e20b22)
  • Add Day/Night theme support for EditConfigurationActivity based on night-mode value. The stdin TextIOActivity will always use light theme since it doesn't currently support dark mode. Support will be added in future when termux-shared is updated with media viewer support. (b2cc90b6)
  • Send plugin github repo url to TermuxService to be shown in case of failure. (2eca337f)
  • Automatically attach debug APKs when a release is created. (705361ec)
  • Add (cf1eda49)
  • Added crash handler so that crash notifications can be shown in termux-app at startup. (63e76458)


  • Redesign plugin configuring views with CardView support. For stdin, the TextIOActivity provided by termux-shared will be used temporarily. (05af1af1b52db0479c287360)
  • Enable background mode and wait for results toggle for new plugin configs. (70d97e7a)
  • Keep plugin config values when saving even if they wont be used since stdin scripts may be deleted accidentally. (26e1f5ea)
  • Move to semantic versioning for app version and add commit hash and github to APK file names.(4920bcd2)
  • Trim arguments length to 20 in blurb. (a80fe8fb)
  • Increase blurb length from 60 to 120 since Tasker doesn't have that limit. If it affects other plugin host apps, it should be reported so that conditional blurb size can be used. (a5bcd56a)
  • Disable shrinkResources and obfuscation for testing reproducible builds and maintaining stacktraces of crashes. (93555047)
  • Do not automatically open keyboard when opening plugin configuring. (267cf61c)
  • Remove all hardcoded com.termux constants and use the values defined by TermuxConstants and TermuxPreferenceConstants in termux-shared library. (63e76458)
  • Use extra constants returned by TermuxService defined in TermuxConstants for PluginUtils. (63e76458)
  • Use FileUtils and TermuxFileUtils provided by termux-shared to handle all file related functionality which has better, safer and more updated code. (63e76458)
  • Use TermuxTaskerAppSharedPreferences provided by termux-shared for handling SharedPreferences functionality. (63e76458)
  • Use Logger provided by termux-shared for logging. Log level will not be got from SharedPreferences for each log entry but will be loaded from SharedPreferences into the Logger.CURRENT_LOG_LEVEL variable at application startup and also in FireReceiver which runs as a separate process and maintains separate Logger instance. The termux-app can also set the log level from its settings. (63e76458)
  • Fix issue where log level was not being read from file, which has been fixed in TermuxTaskerAppSharedPreferences in upstream. (63e76458)
  • Previously working directory would only be created automatically if it was under TermuxConstants.TERMUX_HOME_DIR_PATH but now it will be created even if its under TermuxConstants.TERMUX_FILES_DIR_PATH. (63e76458)
  • Use ExecutionCommand class to handle intent extras in FireReceiver since they are consistent with that of TermuxService ACTION_SERVICE_EXECUTE intent. (63e76458)
  • Use TermuxUtils and PackageUtils provided by termux-shared and remove existing TermuxUtils. The TermuxUtils.isTermuxAppAccessible() will also check if termux-tasker can access termux-app package Context. (63e76458)


  • Fix potential conflicting PendingIntent for execution commands sent to TermuxService due to same request code being used. (d9a172d7)
  • Fix android.view.WindowManager$BadTokenException: Unable to add window exception when switching to landscape mode. (d0e88055)
  • Fix wrong error string returned for null plugin bundle. (a0aaf8e8)
  • Fix NullPointerException if arguments extra is not passed to FireReceiver. (49acd107)
  • Handle unlikely case where failed to get version code to generate plugin result bundle. (f6e33687)


  • Add google play store deprecation notice. (17c69428)
  • Add contributing and forking info. (78fbc00e)
  • Update debugging instructions. (81828177)
  • Update plugin configuration instructions. (f86a675a)
  • Update install instructions. (ea1225ae)
  • Remove links to Google Play and Nethunter stores. Both offer outdated builds. (552d592e)

• Set the output of %stdout %stderr and %result from executed tasks (#26).
• Don't try to perform variable substitution on a Boolean setting (#27).

The Termux:Tasker add-on provides an easy way to call Termux executables from Tasker and compatible apps.

1. Create a new Tasker Action.
2. In the resulting Select Action Category dialog, select Plugin.
3. In the resulting dialog, select Termux:Tasker.
4. Edit the configuration to specify the executable in ~/.termux/tasker/ to execute, and if it should be executed in the background (the default) or in a new terminal session.

NOTE: This is an add-on app which requires both Termux and Tasker (or a Tasker-compatible app) to use.

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