TalkBack is an accessibility service that helps blind and vision-impaired users interact with their devices.

TalkBack adds spoken, audible, and vibration feedback to your device. TalkBack comes pre-installed on most Android devices.

For help with TalkBack, visit

To turn on TalkBack:
1. Go to Settings
2. Select Accessibility

Android 4.1 and above:
3. Touch TalkBack and switch it on

Android 4.0:
3. Touch TalkBack and switch it on
4. Go back to the previous screen, then turn on Explore by Touch

Android 3.2 and earlier:
3. Select the Accessibility checkbox
4. Select the TalkBack checkbox

Permissions Notice
Phone: TalkBack observes the phone state so it can adapt announcements to your call status.
Accessibility Service: Because this app is an accessibility service, it can observe your actions, retrieve window content, and observe text that you type.

From version Google TalkBack (Wear OS) wear:

What's new in TalkBack 6.1
• Switch between installed TTS languages
• More navigation options for native apps
• Assign text editing control to a gesture
• Android 8.0+: Change settings with fingerprint sensor (TalkBack Settings > Selector)
• Android 8.0+: Speak passwords is a TalkBack setting
• TalkBack is silent during calls until you touch screen
• Other fixes & improvements

(Android 5.0+)
Latest: 5.1.0 on March 24, 2017
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