Best VPN for private browsing online with PrivadoVPN. Choose from servers in 48 countries and over 60 cities worldwide to ensure a safe digital experience and avoid censorship. Protect your personal information with high-security VPN protocols including WireGuard®, OpenVPN, and IKEv2, so you are safe, even when using public WiFi or a mobile hotspot.

PrivadoVPN is a true zero log VPN; it never keeps records of your online activity, so you won’t have to worry about anyone accessing your personal data on our VPN proxy. Your speeds are unlimited and, with PrivadoVPN Premium, you also get unlimited data, ad blocking, malware protections, and parental controls.

Sign up for a secure VPN or get the added security, ad blocking, and unlimited data of a Premium account.

PrivadoVPN Free

✓ Free VPN: 10 GB free VPN data with unlimited speeds every month.

✓ 12 Global Servers: 12 free, high-speed servers located around the world.

✓ Zero Log VPN: Secure VPN that doesn't track your online activity.

✓ Swiss Law: Be confident that you're protected by the best consumer protection laws in the world. Thwart government spying.

✓ Secure Video and Audio: Free VPN that lets you safely watch all your favorite services like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and more.

✓ World Class Encryption: Secure your data wherever you are with 256-bit-AES encryption, the best VPN encryption available. Choose from popular encryption protocols like WireGuard®, OpenVPN, and IKEv2.

✓ File Sharing: Free unlimited download speeds. Don’t worry about your personal information leaking during file transfers when you’re connected to our secure VPN.

✓ DNS Leak Protection: Secure DNS servers prevent anyone from watching what websites you’re accessing.

PrivadoVPN Premium Features
✓ Everything Above and More: You get all of the features of a free VPN account, but with these additional benefits.

✓ Unlimited Data: Protect as much data as you like every month with no restrictions.

✓ Ad Blocking: When you make a secure VPN connection, you can also block ads on web pages and video platforms.

✓ Additional Security: Protect yourself and your family from scammers and hackers. Control social media like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok.

✓ Full Global Server Network Access: Choose from our global server network spanning 44 countries and 58 cities.

✓ Multiple Device Support: Secure up to 10 devices on PrivadoVPN with one account. Twice as many as other VPNs!

✓ SOCKS5 Proxy: Speed up your VPN downloads and stay anonymous behind a masked IP address.

Why use PrivadoVPN?
‣ Customize your protection by choosing between the top VPN protocols in the world: OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard®.
‣ Ad blocker and advanced VPN security features.
‣ Free VPN sign up with nothing but a verified email address.
‣ More simultaneous connections than other VPNs.
‣ Multi-device support with apps for platforms including free VPN for iPhone, Windows, macOS, Android, & FireTV.

Expert Opinions

“Try PrivadoVPN and you're likely to be pleasantly surprised by everything you get: great speeds, a reliable kill switch, and unblocking results that beat many VPNs. A must-try provider.” - TechRadar

“PrivadoVPN promises to keep you private, and it excels at doing just that. There are multiple reasons why this provider ended up at the top of the list.” - VPNOverview

WireGuard® is a registered trademark of Jason A. Donenfeld.

From version PrivadoVPN - Fast Secure VPN 3.8.603339785:

* Updated OpenVPN and WireGuard to the latest versions to ensure the best security and performance.
* Added popup for TV mode, which allows users to easily switch to TV mode and enjoy a better viewing experience on a larger screen.
* Improved in-app purchases for greatest efficiency, providing users with a smoother and more seamless purchasing experience.

* Added OpenVPN for TV
* Improved password copy/paste
* Faster login after changing modes
* Fixed Search back button

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