- Fixed the issue of "Predictive text" not working when performing searches in My Files.

- Fixed the issue of errors occurring when files are copied using drag and drop in Multi window mode.

- Fixed the VI (Visual Interaction) error that occurred when deleting files in "Get More Space - Unused files".

- Fixed the issue of the number of items not being displayed for the Google Drive folder.

- Now displays an update icon when a new version update is required.

[Introducing My Files]
"My Files" manages all the files on your smartphone, just like a file explorer on your computer.
You can also manage files stored on SD cards, USB drives and files in the cloud storage connected with your smartphone at the same time.
Download and experience "My Files" now.

[New features in My Files]
1. Try 15 GB of free storage provided by Samsung Cloud Drive.
2. Using the Get more space feature, expand your storage space by deleting unnecessary files or backing them up to the Cloud.
3. With icons displayed for frequently used items (e.g., Camera, Download, and Social network services), finding what you want is now faster and easier.

[Key features]
- It’s easy to search for files on a mobile phone, SD card, or USB storage device, and to manage your files.
.Users can create folders; move, copy, share, compress, and decompress files; and view file details.

- Try our user-friendly features.
.The Recent Files list: Files the user has downloaded, run, and/or opened
.The Categories list: Types of files, including downloaded, document, image, audio, video, and installation files (.APK)
.Folder and file shortcuts: Show on the device home screen and the My Files main screen

- Enjoy our convenient Cloud services.
.Samsung Cloud Drive
.Google Drive

※ Supported features may be different depending on models.
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October 12, 2017
Android 7.0+
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February 20, 2018
February 11, 2018
January 30, 2018
  • bleros

    Better then old version nice design

  • Robert Constantin

    On S6 not work

    • bleros

      Android 7.? Are u rooted

      • Robert Constantin

        Yes , android 7 S6 root (SuperSu )

        • bleros

          Nice if u are ready to follow my procedure should work 99.9%
          Read carefuly
          If you already have rooted s6 device download this MyFiles apk, install root explorer app ,open root explorer go to sdcard rename downloaded myfiles apk to SecMyFiles2017 backup ur original myfiles just rename to .bak
          Now copy downloaded/renamed myfiles and go TO /system/priv-app/SecMyFiles2017 and paste there WARNING set permission after you paste cuz will not work permissions set to> rw-r-r long pres hold app and click 3 dots in root explorer and click permissions and set permission,finaly ReBoot device.
          Thats all enjoy let me know if this method worked.