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• fixed an issue where some bill data was displayed incorrectly
• fixed crashing on older versions of Android

Chad, the lead developer on Ting apps, poured his heart and soul into this awesome material design update. By downloading it, you take a tiny piece of Chad with you everywhere you take your phone. If that sounds at all creepy, well, I guess maybe it kind of is. Chad's cool though so don't worry about him.

This material design update makes the Ting app feel much more at home on a device running Lollipop. Swipe between screens, pull-down to refresh, swipe in to reveal the menu drawer and other material design mainstays are all present and accounted for.

The Ting app still lets you do all the things you should expect a service provider's app to do:

- See usage at a glance in near real time.
- Set usage alerts and caps for your account and / or the individual devices under your account.
- Receive push notifications for alerts set in your Ting account control panel.
- Get in touch with us with a tap.
- View your bills.
- Get the latest from the Ting blog.
- Get a complete call, text and data history for all devices on your account.
- Easily enable or disable Ting services on a per-device level. Services like:
- International calling
- Tethering (no extra charges for tethering capability)
- MMS messaging
- Text messaging
- And many more!

Ting offers simple, no nonsense mobile with fair pricing plus the tools you need to control your usage and your bills. Tools like this, the official Ting app.

We're always looking to improve. If you find an issue or if you've got any questions or feature requests please let us know! Support links are inside the Ting app. You can also email [email protected] or call us directly at 1-855-846-4389.

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November 25, 2020
Android 4.1+
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