Rotate device screen to landscape automatically when i open youtube app or video player.
Make it auto rotate when i use Calculator. or only portrait mode for particular game i play.
Rotation Manager app makes this possible for complete rotation control.

Based on the app you are running, Rotation Manager automatically change the device orientation. Rotation manager design to make this task easy for you. Choose the app you want to auto rotate based on the rotation mode you set for them.

How to use:
1. App shows list of installed apps & system apps from your device. enable auto rotation for the app you want, turn switch ON at right side of app name.
2. App shows different Rotation mode, Landscape, Portrait, Auto. Choose the mode for the app you selected.
That's all, easy and quick.

◇ Enable apps for auto rotation control.
◇ Automatically changes the rotation mode when you open the app.
◇ Default rotation mode for apps those are not configured.
◇ Clean and easy UI to configure quickly.

App need following permissions to complete the task, please allow this permission for the app when you first time open the app.
Modify system settings: permission need to change Rotation mode settings automatically.
Usage Access: permission needed to check currently running app for applying rotation mode changes.

✔ Please make sure Rotation Manager is ON, Check the switch at right top corner.
✔ App also provides default Rotation setting for the apps those are not configured,
so when you leave any app, the default settings gets applied. find this in app setting screen.
✔ By default, this default rotation setting is OFF, this means, Rotation mode will remain same after leaving the app you enabled for auto rotation.

Please try app and let us know, what more we can do to improve the app and to make app more useful to all users.
If you like the app, please leave your review and rating on playstore.

Thank you.

From version Rotation Manager - Screen Orientation Manager 1.15:

Updated to add support to force rotation.

(Android 4.1+)
Latest: 1.8 on April 13, 2020
(Android 4.4+)
Latest: 1.15 on September 12, 2021
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