Download Verizon’s ZenKey app if the following apply to you:

You have Verizon wireless service. If not, download the ZenKey application from your Carrier.

You are downloading Verizon’s ZenKey app to your smartphone and it’s up to date. Tablets and other connected devices will not work.

You use Verizon for your personal wireless service. Not all business accounts will work.

If those apply to you, download ZenKey. Let us know what you think or if you have any problems by contacting us at

Now, on to the description :)

ZenKey provides a more secure way for you to register and login to participating websites and apps without extra usernames and passwords. It utilizes the Verizon network to provide heightened, two-factor authentication by turning your phone into your key to unlock any app or website (computers included) that uses Sign in with ZenKey.

Sign in with ZenKey is launching on a rolling basis to Verizon and third-party apps and websites. At Verizon, it is currently available on the My Fios app with more coming in early 2021. Learn where you can use ZenKey here: (scroll down half way). Make sure to download your wireless provider’s ZenKey application.

You can also see how ZenKey works by visiting the demo experience at

If you are an app or web developer, visit for resources and tools to learn more about enabling ZenKey’s conversion-increasing, fraud-saving services for your users.

ZenKey Features:

Create new accounts – no extra usernames or passwords required!

Easily add your new and existing services to ZenKey

One-touch login to accounts and services

Seamless two-factor authentication

Control the personal information that is shared with the apps and websites you use

Review and approve transactions in real-time

ZenKey uses unique multi-factor authentication with the device and wireless network which includes:

A Verizon-certified app

The secure element on your Verizon SIM card

PIN and biometric security

Coverage: USA only

Keywords: ZenKey, Authentication, 2-Factor, Authenticator, Verizon, Login

Support URL:,

Rates: App is free. Data charges may apply for app download and usage. Other restrictions may apply.


Verizon wireless prepaid or postpaid service

Rooted devices are not supported by Zenkey.

Android (Oreo/8.0 or higher), updated Google Play application

For complete terms for ZenKey powered by Verizon, Please see

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