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ZenKey powered by Verizon provides a quick, simple way for you to register and login to participating websites and apps without usernames and passwords. ZenKey functionality is coming soon to Verizon and third-party apps and websites - but in the meantime use ZenKey at the demo experience. Check the ZenKey app for new integrations and learn more at

To see how ZenKey works, download ZenKey and then visit the demo experience here

ZenKey Features:
• Create new accounts – no usernames or passwords required!
• Easily add your new and existing services to ZenKey
• One touch login to accounts and services
• Seamless two-factor authentication
• Control the personal information that is shared with third parties
• Review and approve transactions real-time

ZenKey uses unique multifactor authentication with the device and wireless network which includes:
• A Verizon-certified app
• SIM card elements that can only be validated by the Verizon network
• PIN and biometric security

ZenKey gives you faster access to participating apps.

Only available to eligible Verizon Wireless prepaid and postpaid customers on Verizon sold devices. App not supported on Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) at this time.

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December 1, 2020
Android 7.0+
1402007 APK
December 1, 2020
Android 7.0+
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